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The DEDICAM® Portfolio offers a large range of prosthetic restoration options to satisfy anatomical, physiological, and esthetic requirements. Based on our many years of experience in implant dentistry, we are familiar with the mechanical and biological requirements for a wide range of reconstructions. The results are optimal connection geometries, precise instructions, and libraries for construction in CAD software as well as the use of the latest manufacturing technology. As an Authorized Milling Partner (AMP) of Ivoclar Vivadent®, we offer you products made of scientifically documented and time-tested materials.

Camlog quickly and reliably provides custom-made products with the expected Camlog quality.

The individual design of one-piece abutments and gingiva formers enables the shaping of an anatomical emergence profile. The soft tissue is optimally protected – an important factor for a functional and esthetically perfect result…

The abutment screws are supplied separately packaged for each DEDICAM Abutment and gingiva former. For the CAMLOG® Implants, the abutments and gingiva formers are also fabricated with the Platform Switching option.

One-piece titanium gingivia formers

One-piece zirconium oxide abutments

One-piece zirconium oxide gingiva formers

Implant-supported bridges, bars and base structures can be screw-retained without intermediate units onto the implant shoulder or the prefabricated abutments provided for this purpose such as CAMLOG® / CONELOG® Bar abutments or multi-unit abutments from BioHorizons® and Nobel Biocare®. The bridge and bar construction can be placed on two or more implants, depending on the implant. Fixation onto the implants or abutments is implemented using abutment or prosthetic screws.

For precise manufacturing, the supplied master cast is measured at Camlog with a high performance tactile scanner, the CAD dataset is optimized using the tactile scan data, and the fit of the milled structure on the model is checked and guaranteed. If the option “Without model check” is desired, this step is omitted as is the guarantee of a perfect fit.

For quick and easy construction there are a number of standardized bar profiles and attachments for bridges and bars included in the DEDICAM CAD libraries.

Bridges, screw-retained on abutments

Bridges, screw-retained on bar abutments (Pasive-Fit)

Gingival designs for implant bridges

Implant base structures, screw-retained on implant shoulder

Implant base structures, screw-retained on abutments

Implant base structures, screw-retained on bar abutments (Pasive-Fit)

Bars, screw-retained on implant shoulder

Bars, screw-retained on abutments

Bars, screw-retained on bar abutments (Passive-Fit)

Bar profiles and attachements

The titanium bases CAD/CAM are precise standardized connection units between the implant and the CAD/CAM restoration. Particularly for ceramic and polymer structures, the titanium bases ensure a stable connection to the implant. All contact surfaces with both the abutment screw and the implant itself involve the same types of material and are fabricated with high precision. They are suitable for the production of hybrid abutments, crowns, bridges, bars, and gingiva formers. The soft tissue is optimally shaped and supported – for an esthetic and durable reconstruction.

DEDICAM Restorations on titanium bases from Camlog and BioHorizons® are supplied with bonding bases, including bonding aid (for titanium bases from Camlog), and abutment screws.

Gingiva formers for titanium bases

Mesostructures and crowns for titanium bases

Bridges for titanium bases on implant shoulders

Implant base structures for titanium bases on implant shoulders

Abutments and frameworks or anatomic crowns and bridges can be constructed with the most common CAD softwares in a single work step using file splitting. This process saves you both time and money because both structures are fabricated parallel to one another and thus a second scan is no longer required.

File splitting is possible for single-tooth restorations and bridges up to 3 units with the materials titanium and CoCr alloy, IPS e.max® ZirCAD, IPS e.max® CAD, and Telio® CAD. You can find the material combinations in the DEDICAM Catalog.

Delivery time:
2 working days for structures made of IPS e.max® ZirCAD, IPS e.max® CAD oder Telio® CAD,
data received until 12 noon (CET)
3 working days for bridges with the materials titanium and CoCr alloy, data received until 12 noon (CET)
5 working days, one-piece CERALOG® Abutment, for data received by 11 am (CET)

The DEDICAM product portfolio from thin veneers to anatomical 16-unit bridges offers a broad spectrum of prosthetic treatment options – permanent as well as temporary. Six clinically proven materials are available for your different requirements. These include one zirconium oxide and two glass ceramics in a wide range of tooth shades and translucency grades.

The ceramics and plastics offered retain their color. The Telio® CAD plastic for temporary restorations has a very low residual monomer content.


Crown and bridges (anatomical)

Crown and bridge frameworks

Gingival designs for bridges

Primary telescope

Use Our Manufacturing Service

As user of 3Shape’s Dental System you can make use of the CAD/CAM manufacturing services based on 3Shape’s Inbox – for implant-supported reconstructions as well as tooth-supported prosthetics. DEDICAM® – your reliable partner for the digital workflow.