Products and services for the Digital Workflow

The process chain for reconstruction of lost tooth structure ranges from taking the patient’s medical history, to the prosthetic and, where necessary, implant dentistry planning, to production of the prosthesis, to insertion and finalization in the patient’s mouth. To ensure the most efficient process workflow, Camlog offers perfectly harmonized products such as implant analogs for printed models and titanium bases.

As a result of the cooperation with Henry Schein, we provide fully integrated technology solutions such as the latest generation of laboratory and intraoral scanners and CAD software.

With the aid of additional design modules in the CAD software, intraoral scan data can be transferred to a printed model. Antirotational analogs for implants or bar abutments are required for implant-supported restorations with their geometry and mating contour saved in the DEDICAM CAD libraries. The analogs can be used in both printed and cast models – precisely positioned and securely fixed. Depending on the implant system, one-piece and/or two-piece implant analogs are offered.

Titanium bases allow the precise connection between the implant and a CAD/CAM fabricated prosthetic restoration. They are available in versions for single-tooth restorations as well as bridges/bars. They are archived in the DEDICAM CAD library.

The scanbodies are used for optical three-dimensional localization of implants or prefabricated abutments in the mouth and of analogs in the working model. They enable the exact transfer of the position of implants and abutments or their model analogs into the CAD software. The scanbodies from Camlog are made of PEEK while those from BioHorizons, for other implant systems and multi-unit abutments, are made of PEEK and titanium alloy.

For additional retention of bar-supported dentures, a Locator abutment made of titanium alloy is available with titanium nitride coating. This is screwed into the bar with an M2.0 thread. As the denture is solely bar-supported, the lab kit is supplied with a processing replacement male without resilience. The pull-off forces are adjusted by means of different replacement males. Positioning can also be performed virtually via the CAD library.

Use Our Manufacturing Service

As user of 3Shape’s Dental System you can make use of the CAD/CAM manufacturing services based on 3Shape’s Inbox – for implant-supported reconstructions as well as tooth-supported prosthetics. DEDICAM® – your reliable partner for the digital workflow.