What benefits you have

Maya Aligner provides all necessary information and solutions so that all clinicians and technicians can design and manufacture clear aligners easily and quickly. Also, all users can design clear aligners for free. Clinicians are connected with technicians who can request the design and manufacture of the clear aligner, and technicians are connected with clinicians who can receive orders for clear aligners.

How Maya Aligner works

The manufacturing of clear aligner proceeds in four steps: scan, order, design, and manufacture, and Maya Dental creates order, designs, and exports STL data for manufacturing. All clinicians and technicians can clearly divide and execute tasks without time and space constraints, saving time and money and providing the highest customer satisfaction. Please click ‘more’ to select the user and scope of work each in the manufacturing process of clear aligner.


learn how to scan properly here


learn how to design properly here


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How to use Maya Aligner

Maya Aligner consists of the web, design software and viewer. You can easily learn how to use Maya Aligner from signin to order, design and manufacture.

Software One
Software Two
Software Three

Maya STL Export Plan

Maya is designed to be affordable for all users. All functions from signup to design are free to use, and a fee is charged only when exporting STL files for manufacturing clear aligners. Fees are charged per step without distinction between upper and lower jaws.