Redon Best Mill

Designed for efficiency

Redon Best Mill® Automation Dental 4.0 Begins

Unrivaled; With a single block changer that can be integrated into a dual machine, you can achieve both dry and wet processing at the same time while reducing your costs.

What's the best mill® for you?

With automation
Increase Productivity

15 block capacity with automatic block change Dry or wet automatic preparation for new task

We're part of your smile



Approach. Ultra-sensitive surfaces.

Redon Best Mill is capable of processing all materials used in dental applications with its precision and powerful motor.





Aesthetic design Super fast Fully automatic

Continuity in Production

With automatic block changer technology, Best Mill is ready for the new task without the need for the user.

Monoblock cast body structure.

Quick switching between dry and water cutting systems.

Uninterrupted, fast and precise with a high-performance spindle.

24 Tool Capacity

Achieve maximum performance thanks to an all-accurate tool measuring sensor, a renewed 24-tool capacity for all operations and spare tool technology.

Best Mill® is specially designed with 5 Axis Simultaneous Scraping and Digital Absolute Servo Motor Technology to achieve excellent precision machining results even at very high speeds.

High Precision

With a wide machining angle, Best Mill is designed for ultra-precise results. Flawless results with 5 axis scraping technology.

We are always there for you.

We meet all your needs with the total workflow system offered by Redon Technology.

We offer a 360° solution for all the materials you will need in open system CAM software and dental prosthesis production integrated with Redon.

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