At Dental, a masterpiece

All in one

Start working immediately without the need for any additional units thanks to the integrated water tank, compressor and powerful filtration system.

Chariside system gain speed with

The fact that production takes place in a clinical environment allows patients to receive treatment as soon as possible.




The ingenuity is hidden in the details.

Mill inlays, onlays, crowns and preform abutments within a day and save production time with a fast workflow.





It creates an R-one+ low carbon footprint that you will operate without the need for air.

Monoblock cast body structure.

Four-axis milling technology.

Uninterrupted, fast and precise with a high-performance spindle.

Mill different materials

Scrape different materials such as premill, glass ceramic, zirconium, pmma, composit, wax and peek with R-One Plus.

6 blocks in one holder

The R-One Plus has a special multi-block holder system. In this way, cad blocks consisting of up to 6 glass ceramic materials can be accommodated in a single holder.

Uninterrupted milling with 7-bur magazine capacity

With an automatic tool changer and 7-bur magazine capacity, it offers maximum productivity even with multiple single-tooth restorations.

You smiled better.

With the Redon digital workflow system, we provide all the system you need during the production stages.

You’re free!
The R-One can be integrated with all oral scanners and CAM software and works in perfect harmony.